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Friday, January 16, 2015

Project Ara

Project Ara

Project Ara is a google's project which is making a smartphone which can be customize as per users needs. The idea of customizable phone was of PhoneBlok. But now motorola have taken over it and named it as Project Ara.
Project Ara is divided in modules. Like if we want to upgrade camera, we just have to take out the camera module and change it with new one. Same way the battery, processor, ram, speakers,etc. Even if the display is out dated or broken, it is easy to change the display.
This idea of PhoneBlok was specially developed because, every year new technologies comes and the people need to get updated, due to this massive e-waste is generated. So the people at phoneblok decided to built a completely customizable phone, which can be upgraded as the technology gets updated.

Recently on Google's second Ara Developers Conference, the PhoneBlok community has announced the release of the seconf Module Development Kit. This takes the modular smartphones closer to the reality.
The biggest addition with the MDK 0.2 is a section on the Module Marketplace, which is said to be a lot like a Google Play Store for Ara hardware modules.
Developers will be able to submit details about their hardware through the Ara Developer Console, while users of Ara phone will be able to use an Ara Configurator app to choose the hardware they would like.
PhoneBloks has mentioned that the Ara Manager app will be available in near future for the end-users. This app will let users to control the functions of different modules and monitor their state and information.

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