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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Ultra-Fast charger that charges your phone in seconds(StoreDot)

StoreDot is a company which says, their charger charges phone in seconds from 0 to 100%. StoreDot is an Israeli company. Before 8 months it showed a video showing phone getting charged in just seconds.
Recently in CES 2015 the company showed there product to the world. This is just in its developing process. Yet to release for consumers. 
Recently the smartphone companies has started give 2 A chargers with their phones. This chargers are fast but not fast as the StoreDot. 
The firm's prototypes currently deliver about a third of that rate, meaning the normal-sized handset used in the demo only held 900mAh of juice, and would have to be recharged several times a day were it deployed now albeit only taking two minutes to do so each time.
The company also showed off a 2,000mAh battery, which took three minutes to recharge, but the phone that housed it had been made 5mm (0.2in) thicker than normal to accommodate its girth.
The charger, which works with current smartphones, was developed by StoreDot, a start-up born from the nanotechnology department at Tel Aviv University. The demo was made using aSamsung Galaxy S4 with a large battery 8-months ago and more recently with a standard batteryand smaller charger at CES 2015. The superfast charging time was achieved using technology StoreDot has been developing. This includes biological semiconductors made from naturally occurring organic compounds known as peptides – short chains of amino acids - which are the building blocks of proteins. Similar to those used by body builders to grow bigger faster.

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