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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Microsoft Cortana coming to Android and iOS

In November Microsoft confirmed that Cortana will be headed to other operating systems. Microsoft is aiming to bring Cortana to android and iOS. The company will also be integrating its artificial intelligence(AI) based technology called ‘Einstein’ with the voice assistant.With Einstein’s support, Cortana would be able to read and understand emails that will help it provide more convenient features to the users. It would let it offer suggestions to the user, even before they ask for it, something Google Now has been doing for a while.
Basically, it sounds like Microsoft is turning Cortana into a more humanized version of Google Now, Google's digital assistant which anticipates your needs and surfaces information before you even ask for it, and a more capable Siri. It makes sense that Cortana would make its way to other platforms, since Microsoft is making more of an effort to bring great apps and services to other platforms. Heck, it just bought a popular email app and rebranded it as Outlook.
Microsoft will also be bring Cortana to Windows 10 desktop. 

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