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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

OnePlus 10,000mAh Power Bank

The most a waited powerbank is now available. OnePlus one has just started selling it 10,000mAh power bank on 17th March. OnePlus Power Bank is officially available here. The price of OnePlus Power Bank is $15. It is available in black and white color.
The power bank has again gone to "Coming Soon" state. 
OnePlus will take some time to bring the power bank to India due to some shipping issues. Actually the power bank is a pure battery so the rules for shipping battery in bulk are very strict. OnePlus is dealing with the issue and are trying to bring power bank to India and other countries as soon as they can.

Technical Specification:

MaterialSandstone Black or Silk White
Battery typeLiPo
Nominal capacity10,000 mAh
InputDC 5V/2A
Output2 × 5V/2A
Charging timeApprox. 5.5h
Dimensions142.8 × 72.6 × 16.2 mm
Safety featuresElectrostatic, short-circuit, overcharging, overheating protection

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