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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Apple Developing Wireless Charger That Can Charge from Distance

 Apple want to get rid of cables and charging mats. Apple is reportedly working on a wireless charging technology with partners. The company is developing wireless charger for iPhone and iPad which can charge your iPhone and iPad keeping it at distance from charger. Apple is currently having the wireless charging in its Apple iWatch which can be charged keeping some distance between charger and iWatch.
 Apple is working on the charger to improve it range and make the charging smoother while keeping charging mats at some distance from devices. We can expect this wireless charging tech from Apple till 2017.
 The users will be able to charge while walking around the room. Charging your device will be like connecting to Wifi and downloading data. Same way in wireless charger the user will be able to connect to wireless charger from some specific distance and will be able to charge battery.
 Technology is developing very fast and making our life very easy, but there are some merits and demerits. Lets see where technology takes us.

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