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Monday, April 11, 2016

How To Use Power Bank For The First Time

Want to charge your mobile phone or any portable device on the move but don’t have mains power?

Today’s Modern gadgets consume lot of power as their consumption is very high and they have become our necessity. Thus increasingly busy lives mean a deceased battery can leave you detached from life, work, and your daily routine. Portable battery packs and power bank  will keep you from getting stuck when you’re on the go and without a suitable charging source. They are ideal for recharging your smartphones and similar devices wherever you are when you find yourself low on power.

Thus it becomes very important for us to keep our electrical and electronic devices in good condition, it’s essential to treat them with respect and care to make sure they prolong to work properly and safely. With this in mind, we recommend you to think about some general Dos and Don’ts:

  1. Do use the power pack only for its planned use. E.g. to recharge your mobile phone or other USB powered mobile devices.
  2. Make sure to keep your gadgets out from any heat sources and liquids - direct daylight, moisture or water.
  3. Never keep your connecting cables provided with the battery pack and your mobile device.
  4. Keep and eye on your children using battery packs.
  5. Keep your gadgets from extreme temperatures of hot or cold.  For example, never left your portable devices on a parked car where it might get extremely cold in winter or hot in summer.
  6. Never keep your battery on excess charge when not in use also never charge whole night as its battery slowly and steadily diminish.
  7. Don’t layup battery packs where they may short-circuit by conductive material - such as in your pocket or bag with coins or keys.
  8. Don’t drop or roughly handle battery packs. They are healthy but not durable.
  9. Never cover when charging and charge whenever it required.
  10. Don't charge battery packs overnight or whilst you are out of the house. Most portable battery packs do not support charging and discharging at the same time.
  11. Don’t take to bits or effort to fix damaged battery packs. If you think there is leakage, make sure it don't let the liquid to come into contact with the skin or eyes. If in worst case it comes, make sure to wash the affected area with water and look for medical advice.

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