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Friday, April 1, 2016

Spectrum Protect Backup – Step towards Data Security

Are you interested in making a successful backup for all your files? There are several factors that one needs to keep in mind in order to maintain the backup and create an access path. Formerly known as Tivoli Storage Manager, Spectrum Protect provides a person with a wide array of choices. Protection of data and maintenance of the data backup makes the use of Spectrum even more important to customers.
Features Of Spectrum Protect:
Use of friendly features enhances the popularity of this product. The main reason behind the popularity of the product is that it could be used to protect the database in a careful manner. An array of disks is used in order to save the files and folders. The minor changes in the files are also recorded on the tape. Let’s take a glimpse at the features that this application software offers:
#1. Backup Compression:
The capabilities that TSM had are largely improved and modified in order to protect the data in a better way. There are several factors that one needs to keep in mind while installing and configuring the software. The size of the internal database matches the space of the backup so that no data is lost; old and new including the minor modifications are all included in the database space.  The squeezing of data is an easier method than storing them in racks.
#3. Backup Validity:
While you are backing up files the risk of data loss is not totally mitigated. What if the backup gets corrupted? There are several factors that make the use of backup validation important. The main principle of Spectrum Protect is to discover ways in order to eliminate all the risks that are related to the loss of data in all possible ways. Instant recovery feature makes the product yet a more important one.
#4. Offline Features:
There are various offline features that could be utilized in order completely protect the data in all possible ways. The offline reorganization feature ensures that the indexes and tables are reorganized in order to maintain a safer data control. Speed and efficiency of the data backup ensure that the data remains protected in an encrypted version before it is accessed by identified users.
#5. Latest Operating System Is Supported:
Supporting the operating system is a major problem with all backup applications. But with this, the problem could be easily erased. Archive client is maintained in order to make sure that the existing operating system is maintained in all possible ways. There are several other factors that make the spectrum an important application. There is no virtualization rival that can match up to the added features that each provides in order to make it possible to make single file recovery after the access path is defined. Parallel backups are maintained so that data loss is by no way a factor that can disturb an individual.
While speaking about Spectrum Protect backup one must make sure that the application software has various updated versions that are capable of working in a better way. Being a renowned product for its distinguished features Spectrum family continues to prove beneficial for all huge organization.

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